Liisa Hilasvuori
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The Moment of Seeing / One to one hundred thousand

I had an exhibition together with Sanna Pajunen in Muu Kaapeli in Cable Factory in Helsinki. I showed two art works: big drawings of ravens and a school of medusa sculptures hanging in the air. These two animals have been on my mind already for many years. I encountered raven in 2013 in a residency in Island, where it often flew on an electricity pylon to croak with a hollowly voice in front of my studio. Medusas, on the other hand, are very unique animals, with their fleshless bodies and their sluggish movements - what drives them?

I continued with the same drawings, working on with them and showed them in February 2019 in P-gallery in Pori, western Finland, in an exhibition again together with Sanna Pajunen. I completed the gang to four members. In a small space one was forced to walk among the raven gang.The name of the exhibition could in my case refer to the about one hundred thousend ravens in finnish territory. I have formed a one-sided relation to them by drawing.

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