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Duo-show in gallery Sculptor

Association of Finnish Sculptors invited me and Anneli Sipiläinen, who has made a long career as a sculptor, to Duo-show. We both made works independently, I built two new installations: in the space the audience step first, I built a high structure depicting piers. Using ceramics, I made various little sea creatures on the surfice. To the windowless rear room I made an installation called The Avalanche. The theme of the piece is soil, its layers and its untoppable moving.

The starting point of both works was the few weeks I spent in shore of the English Channel in spring 2016. The nature`s own time, unconcerned about the people, was present: the tide got high and low, peculiar small sea creatures were lurking in the shallow waters, the fossils dotted the stones and pebbles. In present times the small sea animals attach to the surfaces of man made structures like they have attached to the stones for millions of years. In the same time the erosion grubs the cliffs and the soil under the plants. When sitting on the bank I saw a tree with its roots sliping down. I draw soil, which does not stay still.

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