Liisa Hilasvuori
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The Philosophy of Painting

A documentary film consisting of eleven parts, made together with Markus Renvall, 2017


The videowork shows the difficulty of painting, wich can`t be overcome only with manual dexterity. The focus is on the process of making art in a course in disabled people`s home. I worked as a teacher in the course in 2014-16. I became interested in the close interaction between the disabled art maker and his assistant. The interaction can`t be based only in words, but rests also on alternative means to communicate. When two people hold the pencil or brush together, they have to understand each other. I made the work with Markus Renvall. The video is shot mainly during one art session and shows the working process of six assistant-artist pairs. It has also three intrviews, where the personel tell about assisting and the meaning of the course for the people taking part. The tenth part shows the painter Maaria Märkälä`s working process and thoughts of a professional artist. The eleventh part turns the camera into us, the makers of the videowork, revealing our thoughts we got during the process. The creative imagination emerge, when a person gets supported. Communication relays on willing to understand. Painting is both mental and physical action where both a professional and an amateur faces the same challenges. The film has been shown as a five channel version in Art Fair Suomi in Helsinki in 2017.


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