Liisa Hilasvuori
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Roaming trees and a friendly size mountain

In March 2015 I had a solo exhibition in gallery Rajatila in Tampere. All the works in the exhibition had their starting point in my experiences in a dence period of life in a residency in Iceland 2013: in my discoveries in the nature and in the house where I stayed. In the light ground floor I showed four pieces: a drawing/sculpture depicting a mountain hanging from the ceiling, an installation with a writing desk and stationery covered by moss, reaching all the way to the floor, a piece of concrete floor and, on the windows, flapping moths. The basement of the gallery is black and without windows. I installed there two light works, of wich the other is depicting the farm house where I spent my residency time, by showing its windows in the dark. The other one is a natural size window, built in the gallery wall. In the other side of the window, there are moving lights of cars passing by, casting shadows of trees into the gallery space.

In the list of artworks of the exhibition I described the work above: `Artwork about how the life can be almost papery´. I had cut lots of moths from thin paper to the windows and small fans made them flaping.

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