Liisa Hilasvuori
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Whatever you can image

An exhibition Whatever You Can Image, in gallery Aarni, in Espoo, April-May 2012.

Extracts from the press release: When walking on the streets, you may suddenly become interested in some random structure. Interpret for example a lock or a strange ventilation door in an imaginative way, thought it actually does not need any interpretation. Or stop to watch, how a seagull is hanging in the wind. Sometimes you start developing an art piece from that in your mind...
I have made the installation bearing in mind the spaces in gallery Aarni. They are like stages ready for the play. I have thought, how spaces can be overlapping each other, for example in a half demolished house, where you see the present and the past in the same time. The structures in houses give also hints of what lays around the corner, but can be reached only by imagination...
Also the animals have they own way to move in the structures made by people. On the other hand you might think that even the objects see long periods of time from their own point of view. So long that the people can find it hard to understand.

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