Liisa Hilasvuori
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Fiskars 26.12.

The first part of my degree work in the Academy of Fine Arts was an installation, wich name is a date. In 26th December I stood in Fiskars in Espoo and fotographed and draw the surrounding landscape in 360 degrees on paper. When drawing, I didn`t know the result, and the process included several phases, which I documented by taking photos.

First I moved my drawing to plastic film bent round. Then I chose essental elements from the drawing and placed them to the model of the gallery space. By simplyfying for example trees, path and the horizon I compressed the drawing to sculptural objects. The material is styrox foam, with thick layer of paint.

The horizon is a long, level piece, the nearby bushes are sculpture objects, the path is its own, the far away bed of reeds its own object. The art work also shows my place in the landscape.

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