Liisa Hilasvuori
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12.-13.9. 2018 Värikylpy ("colour bath")-art event for kids and their parents at Pori Art Museum
Artists`group Piirakkakerho, `Pie club´ with art museum`s staff. Coming soon, Wellcome!

8.-24.3.2019 Exhibition in P-galleria -gallery, in Pori
I have the exhibition with artist Sanna Pajunen. More ravens coming!

21.9.-8.10.2019 Solo show at art center Mältinranta`s Studio, in Tampere
There will be whole new installations. I have already made big plans for the show!

Spring 2020
Artists`group Piirakkakerho, Pie club`s art project with the working title `Paluu mummolaan´, `A Return to Grandmother`s Place´, in gallery Forum Box

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