Liisa Hilasvuori
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  • Tampereen-Koti--syyskuu-2006--kuva-elokuussa-07
  • Tampereen-Koti-syysk
  • Tampereen-Koti-syyskuu-2006


The work was exhibited at Exhibition Puun muisti (Memory of tree) in Tampere in 2006. lime tree. Trees used for the work were felled from the Hämeenpuisto park and returned to the same park later as installations.

In the sign close to the art work (in Finnish): `My art piece is a skeleton, a house and a home in the same time. The scale does not compete with the trees, Home is in the shade and maintains the power of the trees. The axe leaves the surface vivid and the knots are memories from the trees grown here. The window frame is like an eye, to the house and to the surrounding world. Wellcome.´

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