Liisa Hilasvuori
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I make installations. A comprehensive experience and planning the space attracts me. The space where the art work is displayed forms often the starting point of my thoughts. The more undefined starting point for me is a nature phenomenon or a memorable experience wich I want to recontruct. A long working process allows me to chance the plan, to additions and to give meaning to my work. By experimenting I search for a material, wich can be worked in the way I want. The appropriate technique has to be discovered every time again: the time used can be seen in the art work. Many of my works has a relationship with drawing and colours. I have recently delt the overlapping times of the nature and one of the human. With art I try to understand my relationship to the world around me.

I`m also a member of artist group Piirakkakerho, Pie club, wich has been arranging happenings for ten years. In them the borders between the performers and the audience, art and life fade, with a drop of humor and anarchy.

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